View your conditions and current operation

Crawl space information is valuable to better understanding the conditions within your home. Notifications and alerts bring you the peace of mind that you can easily stay on top of things and address any potential concerns.

The ATMOX display is part of the overall ATMOX controller. This display is installed in a viewable area of the house such as a garage or closet. This provides information directly to you.

ATMOX icon for showing attic and crawl space notifications
ATMOX icon for attic and crawl space controller information

ATMOX Controller Advantage


Provide Information on Conditions

The controller uses highly accurate temperature and humidity sensors to determine operation of components. The measurements are constantly on display providing real-time information on crawl space conditions. Temperature, humidity and dew point will be displayed. Additionally, lights show operation status of the components.

A wood moisture sensor can provide ongoing information on actual conditions in the crawl space by providing a wood moisture reading from the wood block on the sensor. Wood moisture readings do not bounce around as much as humidity numbers can, because they are not affected by current temperatures. Therefore, this gives you a much more representative picture of what is going on in the crawl space. Keep in mind that the wood’s condition is what you really care about. This is where the crawl space is susceptible to mold or fungal growth or even worse wood rot. The wood moisture sensor is unique to the ATMOX controller.

Alert for Water Detection

ATMOX Photo of ACE Display High Water Alert

A water alert sensor can provide you a notification when water is detected at the location of the sensor. This allows you to quickly address an otherwise unseen issue such as a water backup at a a condensate or sump pump. These problems generally need to be addressed quickly to avoid larger issues or damage.

Alert for Moisture Issues

ATMOX ACE Display Wood Moisture Alert
ATMOX ACE Crawl Space Controller Display Elevated RH Alert

The ATMOX controller can alert for potential moisture issues in two ways depending on setup and components.

  1. HIGH WOOD MOISTURE: Recognizing high wood moisture content is the most sophisticated way to see potential issues in the overall crawl space. The controller will trigger an alert once the levels are above the set point.
  2. HIGH HUMIDITY: Once controller and drying actions are in place and operating consistently, humidity is an easy measure to watch and use for alerts. Humidity numbers can be heavily influenced by temperatures and will fluctuate. To avoid inconsistent spikes in humidity giving false alarms of concern, the ATMOX controller uses an average humidity reading over a period of time before triggering a high humidity.

ATMOX Products for Crawl Space Information

Photo of ATMOX ACE Controller Connections

The display providing information and alerts receives its data and power from the controller. All of the sensors providing data connect directly to the controller as well. As such, this creates the hub for inputs of information and for outputs of operation. The display, controller and inside/outside sensors are sold together.

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