Moisture control and heat reduction products for crawl spaces and attics

Here at ATMOX – we think about crawl spaces and attics all the time. We are constantly developing and improving solutions for moisture and heat related issues. We solve problems so that you can have peace of mind without crawl space or attic concerns.

ATMOX is the common sense approach to moisture control.

It’s not complicated. The more you learn about ATMOX products – the more you’ll see why ATMOX solutions just make sense.

ATMOX products are designed based on the simple science of utilizing fresh air, only when the air outside is better than the air inside the space. It’s a common-sense approach to moisture control. For example, you intuitively know when the weather is nice out and when it feels good to roll down your car windows for some fresh air or to open the windows in your house to freshen the smell or save energy by not running the air conditioner. The science behind ATMOX is exactly like your intuition. ATMOX has customized technology which gathers key atmospheric conditions from integrated sensors placed inside and outside the designated space to relay information to the control system for ongoing regulation of conditions.

While the control system is key to solving for moisture and/or heat along with improved air quality and energy efficiency, ATMOX also makes and/or distributes custom fans, lights, dehumidifiers, and accessories to provide options and customization.

ATMOX products and systems are installed by home service providers. The installer will help determine your overall needs. Visit our ATMOXsphere page to learn more about your geographic area and which ATMOX products and solutions will help you solve moisture and heat related issues.

Products for

Crawlspaces & Attics

What is the ATMOXsphere for your house? Explore a typical setup for your geographic region.

For over 25 years, ATMOX products have been designed with smart and scientific information to create solutions for crawlspaces and attics. Those products are proudly assembled in North Carolina and sold and installed by home service providers throughout the United States.

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