Components selected for your space will depend on your geographic region and your specific size and layout. For this reason, ATMOX products are fully adaptable to meet the needs of your crawl space moisture control. Your installer will determine the products needed for your home.

Crawl Space Controls

The ATMOX Controller is the “brain” of the entire system making decisions on operations to always improve conditions within the crawl space. It also provides information and notifications to you to provide status of operation and provide any alerts on system or space.

Informational Sensors

Decisions require information. The ATMOX controller requires information from Temperature/Humidity Sensors. Optional sensors include a Wood Moisture Sensor and a Water Alert Sensor.

Depending on setup, the ATMOX system uses various combinations of tools to control moisture and dry out the space. Therefore, each setup and situation determines the best drying action.

Exhaust and Intake Fans

Exhaust Fans and Intake Fans bring dry and fresh air into the space when it will improve conditions. These fans are generally placed in exterior vent openings. Models vary based on vent opening size and installation preference.

Internal Fans

Internal Fans mount to joists to assist in a full cross ventilation of air to all areas of the space either with exhaust and intake fans or to assist a dehumidifier. Additionally, they keep movement of air within the space.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

ATMOX systems can incorporate various dehumidifiers on the market through the use of an adapter. The dehumidifiers will generally be used in select crawl spaces as a secondary drying action in times of high inside humidity.

Crawl Space Lighting

ATMOX adds some light to your crawl space with LED lights that can be turned on and off directly from the display.

Crawl Space Accessories

ATMOX fans and lights are all powered and controlled via low voltage wiring. Other supplies and accessories work to bring your crawl space products setup all together.