What’s in your attic?

If your attic is suffering from excessive heat or struggling with excessive moisture, ATMOX products are the perfect solution.

Attic moisture issues generally start with moisture generated inside the house that makes its way to the attic through the rising of warm air. If this moisture gets trapped in the attic, it starts to condense (especially in cold environments) leading to wet surfaces prone to fungus, mold, and wood rot.

Almost all attics are hot during the summer, but how hot is yours? The temperatures can rise to staggering temperatures very quickly taxing an air conditioner or even damaging roof shingles in extreme conditions.

ATMOX is adaptable to different attics that may vary by construction or climate. Explore more about the attics in your geographic region at the bottom of the page.

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How the ATMOXsphere comes together.

With ATMOX controller and fans, the moisture control and heat reduction are achieved via ventilation. But the ATMOX setup is not just a set of attic fans. It’s a smart solution using decades of observations and science to bring the best all-encompassing system to your attic.

Use a common sense approach to always put the “best” air in your attic. Let the scientific data determine the “best”.

The computerized ATMOX controller uses sensors to determine the best operation to improve conditions within your attic. Proper and beneficial ventilation for moisture control occurs through a dew point comparison of inside and outside conditions. No other attic moisture controller is looking at the combinations of dew point, temperature, and humidity to determine operation. A single humidity reading can often be misleading as temperature is an important part of understanding relative humidity – most attic fans don’t have the sophistication to truly measure moisture without ATMOX. Beneficial ventilation for heat reduction starts with a high heat activation point. However, ATMOX fans go beyond this to continue to ventilate under some parameters to further reduce temperatures overnight or in cooler environments well beyond a simple on/off temperature cutoff.

It’s really a very simple and common sense approach. Use the “best” air in your attic to improve the conditions. Just like you intuitively know when the air feels good to open a window, the ATMOX controller knows which operation will use that “best” air by evaluating the temperature, dew point and humidity information received from sensors. It will automatically determine if it should operate fans.

Let’s look at the factors that are important to your attic and your home.


Reducing moisture in the attic is what makes ATMOX unique. Attic moisture is typically an issue in cold temperatures, although it can occur in other situations. The moisture in an attic is as much of a concern as it is in any other part of the house. Moisture must be addressed before the potential damage from wood rot, mold or fungal growth occurs. Since these issues happen over time and generally not from a one-time event, they are usually not covered by insurance and will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Be proactive on moisture control throughout your home.


The air inside a house is affected by all parts including attics. The quality of the air can only be improved by exchanging it with fresh outside air.

Construction-related studies are starting to pay more and more attention to indoor air quality. As home construction focuses on building for energy efficiency and weatherization, buildings have gotten tighter leading to few air exchanges, and pollutants within homes are building up. According to the EPA, indoor levels of air pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. In order to be healthier, indoor air needs to be exchanged with fresh air. The air in the attic is a contributing factor to the overall quality of air in the home.


Attics are known for being hot! Many homeowners just don’t realize how hot their attics are getting in peak summer months and the potential effects from this heat. The excessive attic heat contributes to uncomfortable living spaces, overuse of HVAC systems and roof shingle deterioration.


The ATMOX display gives you piece of mind with status information and alerts to let you know about the attic without the actual climbing. It is important to pay attention to the needs of your home, as conditions in and around your home are always changing. However, most people don’t go into the attic very frequently. Getting an annual inspection of your home is always a good idea, but you should also know what is going on the remainder of the year. 


Every ATMOX product is designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Ventilation should not be expensive to operate and should use as little energy consumption as possible. With the general setup of an ATMOX controller with fans and lights, only 100 watts of power is used – that is less than two old-fashioned light bulbs. This is a major differentiator from competing products which use large, heavy power-consuming attic fans defeating the whole goal of improved efficiency in the home.

One of the main goals of cooling the attic space is to reduce the heat transfer to the living space of the home which in turn assists the effectiveness of the air conditioning system.


In areas with heavy snowfall, ice dam issues can lead to major moisture and water damage. ATMOX attic controllers have an optional Snow Mode to assist with ice dam mitigation by removing warm air from the attic.

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