ATMOX focuses on the spaces that most homeowners want to avoid – the crawlspace and the attic. We know moisture and heat – it’s what we do.

Our Company

ATMOX INC is the creator, developer and manufacturer of controls and monitoring for a building’s unconditioned spaces with a focus on moisture control and heat reduction. Energy efficiency and air quality are at the forefront of all product development.

We sell solutions that are wrapped up in boxes and shipped as products. Every ATMOX product is designed to solve a problem and improve the home. The product is a tool for your installer to use in home improvement.

ATMOX products are installed by home service companies throughout the United States and are adaptable to construction variation and geographic climates. Products are assembled in North Carolina, USA.

Our History

In the mid-1990s, Thomas Huber discovered a widespread problem in the Carolinas – high humidity in crawlspaces – with no solution. It all started when his neighbor’s house in Gastonia, North Carolina had a $30,000 repair to its structure due to wood rot and termites caused by high humidity levels in the crawlspace. In talking to the contractor and termite inspector, he realized that his house would be next unless he did something about his own crawlspace.

Thomas Huber had a background in mechanical engineering from the prestigious ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland. Not only was he an engineer, but his father, Jakob Huber, was as well. They addressed problems the way engineers do – sit down, think it through, and invent something. The thought was to keep it simple yet effective. Jakob worked with engineering and computer software students in Switzerland to create the first prototypes.

Businesses always have unusual origins. In this case, the threat of a $30,000 repair prompted the action of two engineers to create a solution to avoid the damage. It turned into a business. Over the years, the system has been optimized several times yet still works on the same basic principle: use the best “atmospheric” conditions to improve the space and create the ATMOXsphere in the crawlspace or attic of your home.