ATMOX Circulation Fans for Crawl Spaces

ATMOX Internal Fans are a unique product within the world of crawl space ventilation products. When looking at ventilation, you need to be sure to circulate air to all parts of the crawlspace. For example, it doesn’t do you any good to have one half that is dry while the other half is wet. You want to remove moisture from every corner of the crawl space. The ATMOX Internal Fans are the best crawl space circulation fans to move air throughout the crawl space and get air to those hard-to-reach or separate areas.

Internal Fan Models

The most popular fan is the ATMOX Internal Fan with 145 CFM, which operates quietly and keeps air moving throughout the crawl space.

The ATMOX Internal Fans with 225 CFM has a very specific application. Fan can add ducting to get air to areas beyond location of the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crawl Space Circulation Fans

When should the crawl space circulation fans be running?

The internal fans run anytime it is beneficial to the crawl space. Specifically, with the ATMOX controller, the internal fans have a dual purpose. The fans run when any exhaust and intake fans are running to help assist with getting air through all areas of the crawl space. The fans also run when inside humidity is elevated to keep air movement within the crawl space when outside air is not beneficial and to assist the efficiency and reach of a crawl space dehumidifier.

How do fans get air to hard-to-reach areas of the crawl space?

The internal fans blow air in areas that don’t get airflow from cross ventilation of outside air. For instance, many crawl spaces are not a perfect rectangle with vents evenly spaced on all sides. Often there is a corner or section (a “dead area”) that doesn’t have air movement. The fans will get air moving in those corners.

Some crawlspaces will have sections or compartments that you can’t even crawl to or under. In this case, the larger ATMOX internal fan uses ducting attached to it. The ducting on the end of the fan pushes the air into the hard-to-reach areas that you can’t easily access.

How are the crawl space circulation fans installed?

The ATMOX internal fans have a U-shaped bracket to hang directly from a joist in the crawl space.

How does a crawl space dehumidifier benefit from these fans?

Dehumidifiers have internal blowers to distribute the air that has been dried and exchange it with the wetter air, but the dehumidifier fan blower has a limit to how far it can reach. The range varies by model and size of dehumidifier. However, the ATMOX internal fans move the air that is further away from the dehumidifier to extend its range. The fans move the air into the range of the dehumidifier allowing it to be dried.

Fan Power and Electricity Usage

The ATMOX fans use low voltage electricity which means the fans can receive power with a low voltage wire (often used in landscape lighting). In general, the ATMOX Controller provides the power source for all of the fans from one electrical outlet. The fans connect to the wire without the need for individual electrical outlets and without an electrician. Each fan attaches onto the low voltage wire to receive power and the command for operation.

The crawl space circulation fans are extremely energy efficient, so they can run frequently without concern of energy usage. The fans only use between 10 to 15 watts of power when running depending on model.

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