Address your entire crawl space.

Crawl space circulation or distributed airflow creates even drying throughout the entire crawl space to avoid neglect in one corner and overdrying in another.

Crawl spaces are rarely a perfect rectangle and may have compartments, sections or corners that are not getting consistent air movement from ventilation fans or a dehumidifier.

ATMOX Controller Advantage


Improve Dehumidifier Reach and Effectives

The fans push and pull air from far reaching corners to the dehumidifier to make it more effective in drying larger spaces.

Dehumidifiers have built-in fans to circulate air to the unit. It dries air closest to it first. The air moves and dries as it works its way through the space. Depending on size and layout of the crawl space (especially when very low), the dehumidifier has difficulty moving air to far corners on its own.

ATMOX circulation fans hang from joists to assist air movement to those areas. Furthermore, this makes the dehumidifier more efficient in its operation.

Circulate Air

ATMOX controller uses these fans to avoid stagnant air build up and to balance temperature and humidity levels within the space.

When the dehumidifier is not in operation, the circulation fans keep the air circulating within the crawl space. By doing this, it can keep air at a more consistent temperature. As a result, this keeps air from settling around cold ducts which sometimes lead to condensation.

As described above, the circulation fans assist the dehumidifier in balancing the humidity levels throughout the crawl space. Here are illustrations to show humidity levels in a crawl space with and without circulation fans working to assist the dehumidifier to address all areas more evenly.

Humidity range of crawl space with dehumidifier
Dehumidifier without circulation fans.
Humidity range of crawl space with dehumidifier and ATMOX controls and internal fans
Dehumidifier with circulation fans.

Create Airflow Within Tight or Compartmentalized Spaces

The internal fans can create air movement in and out of sections of crawl spaces that may have been created by construction such as room additions. Blocked air movement can also occur in low crawl spaces with large HVAC trunk lines. These compartmentalized spaces are often starved of airflow creating pockets of moisture problems.

It can also be difficult to control split crawl spaces with one dehumidifier without forcing air within sections. With the right setup of fans, it may be possible to use just one dehumidifier for two sections instead of needing two dehumidifiers. Therefore, using fewer dehumidifiers saves money both upfront and in ongoing energy usage.

ATMOX Products for Crawl Space Circulation

Picture of ATMOX ACE Controller - Internal Fans Connection Highlighted

Circulation fans move air within the space will be connected to the ATMOX controller through the use of the Internal Fans output. ATMOX fans will receive both signal and power from the controller.

Depending on need, fan selection may vary. However, the most common setup uses fans mounted to joists inside the crawlspace.

For more information – learn more about these Internal Circulation Fans.

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