Target your humidity with on-command moisture control

Crawl space dehumidification is a powerful tool in extracting moisture from the crawl space. The dehumidifiers pull air through the unit and expel moisture in the form of water to the outside.

Your installer will select a dehumidifier sized for your space. ATMOX does not manufacture dehumidifiers but ATMOX is compatible with several brands.

ATMOX Controller Advantage


Control one or more dehumidifiers

The controller incorporates crawl space dehumidification with one or more dehumidifiers. In a larger crawl space, it may be necessary to have more than one. The ATMOX controller can keep them all working together and at the same time. Additionally, the controller is capable of integrating with most brands and models.

ATMOX Graphic of Dehumidifier and HVAC in Crawl Space

Use highly accurate sensor away from dehumidifier unit

ATMOX controls all operation based on data received from its highly accurate sensor. These sensors have the ability to get accurate readings – especially in the high and low ranges where many sensors start losing accuracy of measurement. The installer places the ATMOX sensor in a location away from the dehumidifier. This provides a much better measurement of actual humidity level throughout the crawl space. The air closest to the dehumidifier will always be the driest in the crawl space. Therefore, using a humidity sensor on the dehumidifier itself may not be as reflective of overall conditions.

Avoid freeze ups and damage to dehumidifier

The ATMOX controller keeps dehumidifiers from running outside of their operational temperature range. In an extremely cold crawl space, a dehumidifier on its own may keep trying to lower humidity levels to almost unachievable targets due to temperature. The ATMOX controller checks for acceptable temperature ranges before starting crawl space dehumidification. Dehumidifiers running in cold environments can be prone to a freeze up of the compressor leading to damage in the unit either immediately or over time.

Extend the life of the dehumidifier

The ATMOX controller aids all dehumidifier operation through its timing protocols. It makes sure that dehumidifiers are not quick cycling on and off as they hover on a target humidity level.

Furthermore, when paired with other forms of drying, the controller can prioritize the optimal and most efficient drying action. This will often come through other means of ventilation. When other drying is incorporated, the dehumidifier will not have to operate as frequently. This reduced operation will extend the life of the components in the dehumidifier.

Adjust target humidity from display

The controller will have a target humidity level to determine operation of dehumidifier. While there is a default value in the controller, the installer or homeowner can adjust this setting to be more or less aggressive with dehumidifier use for moisture control. Once it is set up, it is fully automatic. However, if a change is desired, the setting can be changed easily from the display screen.

ATMOX Products for Crawl Space Dehumidification

ATMOX ACE Controller - Picture of Dehumidifier Connection

Dehumidifiers will reduce the moisture in the crawl space to the target humidity level. The dehumidifier will use an adapter or relay to connect to the ATMOX controller and will receive signals to operate from the controller. The dehumidifier will need its own outlet for electrical power.

Dehumidifiers come in different sizes and are generally rated based on capacity of water extraction. You will see differences of how many pints per day a dehumidifier can pull out of the air. The size of the crawl space will guide the dehumidifier needed for moisture control.

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