ATMOX Sensor – Wood Moisture

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ATMOX Crawl Space Wood Moisture Sensor

This sensor allows the ATMOX System to monitor moisture in the wood block. Therefore, giving the system critical data representing the amount of moisture in the surface of your home’s wood. When the wood moisture level is too high, the ATMOX Controller will indicate this with a solid red alarm light and display screen alert. Inspect an attic or crawl space with an extended alert to determine the cause.

The ATMOX System is a moisture control system using smart ventilation and dehumidification. It uses a combination of sensors to determine the best operation to improve conditions within your attic or crawl space. Therefore, the Wood Moisture Sensor is simply one indicator for your crawl space or attic. Both vented and encapsulated crawl spaces can benefit from the ATMOX System.

Installation of the Wood Moisture Sensor

Install the wood moisture sensor to a joist to keep it off the ground. Place the sensor in an area that is either the average or “worst” section of the crawl space or attic. Once the sensor is mounted, connect to the controller by inserting the jack into the slot labeled “Wood” on your controller. After it is connected, the display will show the wood moisture content from the sensor. The controller will measure wood moisture content approximately every ten minutes, so you will not see instant changes on this reading. After installation, the sensor needs time to acclimate to mirror the wood levels of your crawl space or attic. Therefore, it may take a day or two to get a proper reading. For detailed installation, please see Spec Sheet.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty


  • Mounting: Mount internally to joist
  • Two holes for screws for mounting (screws not included)
  • Connection: RJ11 Jack with 6’ RJ11 Cable
  • Includes Two Extension Cables (25’) with Couplers

Spec Sheet – Wood Moisture Sensor