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Item:  01-550-650

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ATMOX Inside Temperature and RH Sensor 

The ATMOX Inside Temperature and RH Sensor measures temperature and humidity. This is the newer v2 version of the Inside Sensor. New Control Sets include sensors. The sensor constantly monitors the temperature and humidity whether in a vented or encapsulated crawl space. The sensor provides this information to the ATMOX Controller. The system analyzes data from all sensors and will run the ATMOX Fans or Accessories at optimal times.

Installing Sensor

To use as an inside sensor, place the sensor on a joist or beam inside crawl space or attic. Be sure to remove the sensor from inside the bracket before installing the bracket. Once the bracket is installed, push sensor back into place. If needed, use extension cable to extend reach of cable to the ATMOX Controller location. Insert the jack into the controller with the slot labeled “INSIDE” or “INSIDE SENSOR.”

This sensor can be used as an outside sensor replacement with use of hood. To use as an Outside sensor replacement, remove the sensor from the bracket. Simply, place the sensor into previously installed bracket with hood. Loosen the screws on the hood, if needed, in order to push the sensor into place on the bracket. Lastly, insert the jack into the slot labeled “OUTSIDE” or “OUTSIDE SENSOR.”


Some older ATMOX systems will not be compatible with the ATMOX v2 Sensor. Contact ATMOX for compatibility questions.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign parts. Includes 3-year limited product warranty.


  • Mounting:  Includes mounting bracket (screws not included)
  • RJ11 Jack with 10′ RJ11 Cable
  • Includes one coupler

Spec Sheet – Inside Sensor